How An Addict Gave Up Smoking

In 2003 the most weak-willed person I know, gave up smoking – without having to work at it – and hasn’t smoked a cigarette since.

Back then, before I had even come up with the “We Are All Two People” theorem, I realised that I was in trouble. I knew that if I didn’t stop my 40-a-day habit, I probably wouldn’t live beyond my middle years.

In fact, I was convinced I wouldn’t survive, because I’d tried to give up smoking  four times before, and every time it was torture.

Is this the same for you?

Actually, my first attempt saw my going without a cigarette for a few days without too much bother.

I’d gone to see a hypnotist; I’m a sucker for trying anything at least once. (Which is why I was a smoker in the first place.) The old guy who performed the hypnotism, said that if the craving came back, I should go back to him for a free session a week or two later to reinforce my resolve.

I never went back – what an idiot.

After an argument (about nothing) with my (then) wife, I started smoking again. I justified it as a sort of revenge on her – “it was all her fault” – because she was such a harridan in her attitude towards my habit. (Well actually towards me in general, but that’s another article.) The argument we had was the excuse I needed to spark up that first cigarette – but it equally could have been anything else.

… and where one cigarette goes, another soon follows.

That was the end of my first attempt to stop. Continue reading How An Addict Gave Up Smoking