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Welcome to LearnSelfHelp.org.

If you are here by your own steam, you have decided you’ve had enough of the way things have been going in your life and you’re going to make changes. You’ve judged that it’s time to take control.

You’ve made the  choice to underline the past and take charge of the future and now you recognise that you need to learn how to help yourself. This is the site where you are going to “learn self help.”

I know that a large percentage of people are not where they want to be in life. Often they are not going in a direction that resonates with them. They aren’t satisfied with their position in life and feel imprisoned by it.

If you are not on the right path, you are probably slightly depressed. This in turn leads to a general malaise. It’s inevitable.

Bear with me as define what “malaise” means in this context.

    • Do you have a sense of disquiet?
    • How long have you been “out of sorts?”
    • Do you feel uncomfortable?
    • Restless?
    • Edgy?
    • Uneasy?
    • Do you have a feeling that something is not right?
    • Do you feel any kind of tension?

You know how you feel and now you know why! You are going in the wrong direction.

Out of this malaise usually comes procrastination. This is another symptom of a person on the wrong path, be that the wrong job, or in a wrong relationship, or in some other wrong situation. Procrastination is a kind of self-sabotage. It leads the sufferer – and  believe me, a procrastinator is suffering – to a kind of helplessness.

Procrastination and the sense of helplessness, leads to depression, which causes someone to procrastinate and feel helpless even more. This  feedback loop is destructive.

A person on this hamster wheel of going no where fast – probably doesn’t get projects completed on time.

    • He or she, is often running late for appointments.
    • He or she can be quite tetchy
    • or plainly bad-tempered
    • on occasion he might be “sharp” with others to say the least.

This is not a happy place to be. Depression, sickness, eating the wrong things, eating too much, dependency – smoking, drinking or worse.

Spongebob has come to the end of his tether.

A straw could break this camel’s back.

One seemingly insignificant occurrence could cause a person like this to react in a way that has unforeseen circumstances. In extreme cases, this might lead to tragedy.

I want to help you to avoid this car crash. Let’s give you the right map. It is possible to turn it around, figure it all out and get on the right route with a clear and desirable destiny!

Once you are on the right train, the  underlying cause of unhappiness evaporates. The constipation passes! Feeling lighter, brighter and more in tune with yourself, the lifting of your malaise immediately relieves some of the depression.

A person on this train finds it easier to eat healthily. He or she would be more easily motivated to exercise. No longer procrastinating, he or she has time to take care of things. House and home and life becomes efficient. No longer dashing here or there, no longer in danger of snapping.

Oh, on and on I lecture, ever in danger of patronising you, but I don’t need to. I know that this has struck a chord with you. I think I have your attention.

I’ll share with you what I know. My insights are yours for the taking and the running with. Subscribe to this blog for snippets, tips and tricks and recommendations and tools which will see you through. I’m on your side; I’ve got your back, let’s see where it takes us. Stay with me.


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