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I guess I only really started “growing up” at the age of twenty-nine.

My “index moment” was when I was knocked over by a car and sustained a serious head-injury. This is a mild euphemism for a major issue – brain-damage!

Having a brain-injury changes the way in which the brain processes information. My brain became sluggish and for a long while I had to work it a lot harder to accomplish things.

I could give you the ins and outs of all I’ve been through, but, you’ll be relieved to hear that I won’t. Let’s just say that after the accident I now have epilepsy (under control now since 2003), aphasia, poor working memory (I have to work hard to remember things outside of routine.) I also have bi-polar and brain-injury associated fatigue.

But apart from that I’m fine …

I’m fine because I’ve worked very hard to come through it. I’ve exercised my brain. I’ve regained my abilities as a musician. I’ve become good with computers. I’m moving forward.

Through it all I’ve remained married for fifteen years and have two young children (who have older siblings from a previous marriage.)

In short I’ve had to cope with a lot; my life-experiences are such that I’ve seen and known depression. I’ve rubbed shoulders with other patients who have had varying degrees of mental illness. I’ve learned a lot about how the mind and brain works through first-hand experience – in fact you couldn’t get any more first-hand than my experiences. After it all I’ve learned one exciting fact above all others …

An image of a circular maze within a head.You can change!

  • Great success can be achieved with a simple “tune up” or two.*
  • With the mind and brain things are circular.
  • By changing how we think about one thing, we can positively affect several others.
  • Bad habits, dependencies, lethargy – all of this can be easily over-come with simple actions.

My research and personal experiences has unearthed a methodology that allows me to be efficient. By utilising this methodology this efficiency comes about almost by accident. With tweaks to the way you think and a system that tracks the important things in your life, you’ll find that anything is achievable*.

To really get on in life, I’ve discovered that we must create rules for ourselves to live by. These rules are the framework of qualities that define us and dictate our actions – actions that lead to success.

I want to share what I’ve learned with you. Everybody can benefit.

Let’s get on with it.



* Anything is achievable given the scope of potential. As an example bear this in mind: a chimpanzee can’t do algebra! There is no way that he could learn to because he hasn’t got the tools required – the potential.


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