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Welcome to learnselfhelp.org.

If you are here by your own steam, you have decided you’ve had enough of the way things have been going in your life and you’re going to make changes. You’ve judged that it’s time to take control.

Having made the choice to underline the past and take charge of the future, you recognise that you need to learn how to help yourself. On my site you are going to “learn self help.”

After reading this, have a read of my bio “About Stephen Gritton.” I’ll inspire you to learn how to improve “self” here and now. There will be no dwelling on the past, we’ll be looking at great techniques that will get you motivated in the here and now.

I’ve commited myself to showing you the tools that will enable you to happily move forward under your own steam. Let’s see how proud of yourself you can be after turning your life around.

Your self confidence will be boosted due to your accomplishments. The techniques found in the articles on this site will improve your self-esteem – as if by accident!

I have been where you are. I have been punch-drunk from life’s knocks and I’ve looked for and found a way through – just like you are about to.


Well, first of all, have a read about me here to see if this site is for you and we’ll take it from there.


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