How An Addict Gave Up Smoking

In 2003 the most weak-willed person I know, gave up smoking – without having to work at it – and hasn’t smoked a cigarette since.

Back then, before I had even come up with the “We Are All Two People” theorem, I realised that I was in trouble. I knew that if I didn’t stop my 40-a-day habit, I probably wouldn’t live beyond my middle years.

In fact, I was convinced I wouldn’t survive, because I’d tried to give up smoking  four times before, and every time it was torture.

Is this the same for you?

Actually, my first attempt saw my going without a cigarette for a few days without too much bother.

I’d gone to see a hypnotist; I’m a sucker for trying anything at least once. (Which is why I was a smoker in the first place.) The old guy who performed the hypnotism, said that if the craving came back, I should go back to him for a free session a week or two later to reinforce my resolve.

I never went back – what an idiot.

After an argument (about nothing) with my (then) wife, I started smoking again. I justified it as a sort of revenge on her – “it was all her fault” – because she was such a harridan in her attitude towards my habit. (Well actually towards me in general, but that’s another article.) The argument we had was the excuse I needed to spark up that first cigarette – but it equally could have been anything else.

… and where one cigarette goes, another soon follows.

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Where To Start? Understanding What’s Holding Us Back

By the end of this article,  you’ll understand why you’ve failed to make positive changes to your life in the past. I’ve no doubt that you’ve tried and I’ve no doubt that you’ve failed – or else why would you be here?

First thing’s first – where to start?

You want to make changes, but you’re not sure how. You’ve been trying to cope with a myriad of things, but it’s almost impossible. You seem to be running around a lot, but getting nothing done. And you’ve no time for yourself and …

You want it to be different.

Not only do you want it to be different, but you’re suffering (probably silently) because of it. This “suffering” could quite literally shorten your life.


At work, you are out on a limb. You’re not supported. You have so much to do. People dump their work on to you. Or you have a particularly horrible boss, or client. Perhaps you are put into nasty, sometimes down-right dangerous situations and – couldn’t you be doing something else? Something you enjoy?


At home, your husband or wife takes you for granted. Your children don’t do as they are asked. You have heavy bills to pay. Your elderly parents need more care. You’ve had a fall out with your neighbours. Your central heating has packed up. You need to go to the supermarket. You’re petrol tank is running on fumes. Wouldn’t it be nice to be in control? Go home and just – relax?


You are not as healthy as you could be. You smoke. You eat the wrong things. You are a bit on the heavy side. You get out of breath walking up two flights of stairs. You are always tired. You catch colds easily. Wouldn’t it be great just to feel good?

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